Greece is amazing

White beaches, soft breeze, cool sea - there is nothing more we need to deeply relax and let go. Greece is and will always be a dream location for workshops and holidays. The Pelion is an especially beautiful spot in this amazing country. Here, mostly the Greeks themselves come for holidays because with its lush forest hills and its dream beaches it combines all of the beauty that the mediterranian has to offer: the huge ancient trees provide cool shade and the sea invites for long swims, walks, kajak tours or just hanging out at the beach. 

A place for body and soul

The venue is a beautiful little hostel, run by my dear friend Katerina. It has 10 rooms, all facing the ocean. The rooms have a bathroom and a small kitchenette to prepare simple meals. The clean and tastefully furnitured rooms provide comfort and privacy. The garden, patio and wooden deck are places to get together with others for meals, yoga, dancing and other fun activities.

You are invited...

... to come and enjoy this amazing place which is called the "European Hawaii". Join a workshop or simply enjoy a beautiful vacation in the most beautiful area of Greece. Please contact me for further information:

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