Body Mind Spirit Awakening

We come from a rational, left-brained world. Yet we are so much more than we can think of. In the core of your being lies and infinite source of wisdom and power. In this workshop we will access this elemental source of life within you. Tools from hypnotherapy, body psychotherapy, shamanism, systemic constellation work, Game of Transformation and many others will blend harmoniously on our journey throughout this week. In a life situation where your rational left brain is at loss, you will dive deep within yourself, discover yourself anew and come out fresh and empowered. You will start by setting your own intention and then explore how you can reach your goals in a gentle and powerful way. This workshop is for you when you are ready for a change in your life but you don’t know exactly how to bring it about. This workshop is for you when you are unhappy in your job or relationship; when you have (or had) a major illness that requires you to stop and think over yourself and your life; when you – for whatever reason – ended up in a major crisis and want to find a soft way out of it. This workshop is for you, when you want to prevent any of the above mentioned.

Pavithra has lived and worked as a psychotherapist and counselor for over ten years. She is very experienced in supporting others in times of trouble and crisis, creating a space of honoring all the emotions that come up and at the same time channel their energetic charge in a constructive and beneficial way for healing and upliftment.

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