Contacting Nature Spirits

Sept. 2018 at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

Registration opening soon

About the workshop

Many of us have heard about nature spirits. We may have read about them and their messages, wondering how it would be possible to get in touch with them ourselves. The truth is: it is much simpler than you can imagine. Being in touch with the “invisible” beings of nature is so self-evident for us, that we sometimes miss them just because we cannot believe that we have access to their world. But for the nature spirits, this separation has never existed. They are ever ready and willing to cooperate with us and take on any form and use any channel on which they can reach us. All we have to do is open up for them.


This workshops will help you to find and develop your own channel with the beings of nature. An easy but elaborate step-by-step program will guide you to access the kingdom of nature on its more subtle plains and use the inspiration and power you find there for your own life and for the sake of the whole planet.

This video with a brief introduction of the Contacting Nature Spirits workshop was recorded at a plane tree which is more than 1,000 years old. It is located in Greece, where in some parts nature has been left on her own to grow and prosper. I invite you to come to this amazing and beautiful place. Please contact me about further details.

About Pavithra

Pavithra has been in touch with nature spirits since she was a child. Due to her rational upbringing she lost the connection for some years, only to rediscover it at her first visit in the Findhorn Community in Scotland in 2007. Ever since she has been in close touch with the beings of nature, receiving many guidances and inspirations that helped her to understand the more subtle realms of existence. Through the guidances of the nature spirits she developed a special training to get in touch with them deeper and on a steadier basis.

More resources

In this talk held at the Nature Spirits Online Summit in April 2015 I share my psychological perspective on the topic of contacting nature spirits. From this point of view, it becomes clearer, why it is so difficult for many people to get in touch with the beings in nature. I will also share how to overcome those challenges. 

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