Deep Ecology

The Work That Reconnects

Deep Ecology reconnects us with our own oneness and our oneness with the whole. Through individual exercises and group work we will go through the different layers of our gratitude for all the nourishment and abundance of life, reconnect with our pain about the disastrous situation we as humans put our planet in, develop new visions for our life and that of all other species on earth, and finally know how go forth with renewed strength, love and energy. This workshop addresses not only environmental activists, but anyone who wants to break free from being blocked in their love and passion for life and the earth. This week will transform you from pain and paralysis into deeper understanding, joy and renewed strength. 

Pavithra herself has been an environmental activist since her teenage years. Combining her love and passion for nature and the earth with her knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist and counsellor led her to offer workshops in Deep Ecology for the sake of the planet and all living beings. Joanna Macy has personally given her blessings to Pavithra to do this work. 

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