Holistic Weight Loss

Coming to the truth

Many of us have a hard time maintaining the perfect weight. Diets, binging, shame and guilt keep us too busy to enjoy our lives and ourselves. This leads to a vicious cycle of self-destruction and fear. We feel powerless over our cravings and every time we binge, the frustration that it causes leads to yet another binge.

In this workshop you will learn how to break this vicious circle. Not only will we have a week full of tasty and healthy meals, we will also learn how to prepare meals in a way that is good for you and yummy. On an emotional level we will learn tools to overcome the binge-guilt-frustration-binge-cycle. Food for the soul will be another integral part of our journey, because all our cravings ultimately come from an inner lack of fulfilment and self-love. In a gentle and soft way you will learn about your inner structures that keep you trapped in your behaviour patterns. You will be guided to develop your own tools to steer you safely to a live of perfect weight and happiness.

Did you ever swear not to eat that chocolate bar anymore, only to find yourself one minute later munching it down anyway? How is this possible? What is the hidden dynamic behind this self-sabotage? Find out which part in is so desperate about sweets and why it has so much power over all your good intentions. Learn to reclaim your own power over yourself in a soft and gentle way.

You don’t need to walk around any longer feeling ashamed of yourself. You will learn to develop the right impulses within you so that you no longer have to look for comfort outside of you.

Pavithra was overweight since she was ten years old. She tried every diet to control her weight, but without avail. Size XXL did not leave her. Suffering from her own obesity, the criticism of her family (“Don’t you have any will power?”) and the loneliness of not having a relationship, she was desperate to lose weight. She was very successful in her career, had many friends, and was very skilled in various ways. Only when it came to food, she constantly felt like a loser. She became so frantic about her weight that she even became bulimic and finally anorectic, only to find that when she had succeeded in reaching size XXS, it didn’t make her a happier person at all. This disillusionment led her on an inner journey to the core of herself, where she untied all the false beliefs and emotions that trapped and tortured her. Being diet-free for almost ten years now, she has easily maintained her perfect weight, being more happy and fulfilled than ever before.

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