The Feminine Hero

Workshop in Greece, 20 - 27 August, 2016

Healing the Feminine

In the human realm, the feminine is deeply wounded, within women and men. Because the feminine power is more than just gender or sex related, it is the universal creative power of the Divine, manifesting itself in the beauty of creation. It is abundance, creativity, music, intuition, earth, receiving, listening, softness, darkness, healing, recreation, feeling and so much more. 

The denial of feminine qualities

For centuries, these feminine qualities have not been acknowledged. They even have been prosecuted, suppressed and killed, especially in the so called „civilized societies“. Being a woman, living the feminine way - in tune with nature, knowing about the secrets of healing and about life and death, receiving guidance and intuition from Mother Earth - was not only dangerous during the times of inquisition and the persecution of the „witches“. 

It is still dangerous today, in a world where industrialism dictates an ideal in which only masculine qualities are accepted - rationalism, logic, competition, profit, survival of the fittest, dominance, expansion, light, heaven, innovation. Both men and women, who „want to make it“ in this industrial society, have to deny most of their feminine qualities and in turn suffer from a deep loss of one of their most important sources of joy, healing and recreation inside of themselves. Therefore, they need to seek the feminine outside of themselves and turn towards all the different forms of false „relaxation“ and „wellness“ our industrial society offers: TV, shopping, sex, alcohol, drugs, medication, food, romance, etc. 

The desire to wake up

But because this inner hole cannot be filled from outside, more and more of us are becoming increasingly frustrated, especially those who have a successful career and all the riches in the world. 

More and more women and men want to awaken out of this dream of unending growth and happiness coming from outside pleasures, which has turned into a nightmare. 

Set the feminine power free

One of the keys in stepping out of the masculine dominated industrial system into a more healthy and balanced way of life is to reconnect with the Feminine. Setting free the feminine power within you, reconnecting with your receptive, intuitive and dark side, allowing the energy of the moon to cool your system from the over heating of compulsive thinking, so that the warmth of Mother Earth can fill you up from below will make you feel whole and complete - as a woman and as a man. Because we all need both sides - the masculine and the feminine power - in order to liberate our highest potential. Coming from and living in this masculine dominated society it certainly is crucial to reconnect and heal the feminine side of ourselves first in order to reconcile and integrate it with our masculine side. 

The Feminine Hero

The Feminine Hero Workshop will reconnect you with your feminine energy. The different stages of this journey pick you up at your masculine side with all of its light and shadows and move you gently through the different layers of your psyche, under which your feminine side has been buried. There are different trials and demons waiting for you, in the form of false beliefs and past conditionings. Shamanic rituals and different exercises from gestalt therapy, systemic family therapy and hypnotherapy will gently guide you along the way. 

The Divine Union within you

In the end, your inner hero - who is always masculine - and your inner feminine - who will have revealed her form by then - will meet and unite their powers in a divine union, taking place within you. This will unleash the highest potential of who you really are, for your own benefit and for the good in the world. You will reclaim your full power and have access to your soft, receptive and intuitive feminine side, which will heal and guide you, as well as to your fierce, active and independent masculine side, which will move your forward towards your highest goal.

Upcoming Workshop:

THE FEMININE HERO, 20 - 27 August, 2016, Greece 

Income related price: 320/350/380 € for low/medium/high income

Location: Hostel Katerina, Mouressi, Pelion

Please contact me for further details:

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