The Five Keys to your Intuition

Meet your inner guide

Sixth sense, intuition, inner guidance, feeling, inspiration – whatever you name it: We all know that we are equipped with a knowledge and wisdom which is beyond our own imagination. Did you ever have a spontaneous phone call coming in and even before picking up the phone you knew who it would be? Most of us have experienced this and many other incidents of a form of higher connectedness. But to many this source of deeper knowing remains hidden, only to spontaneously open up for us in a seemingly random pattern, which lies totally out of our own control.

But is this really so? In this workshop you will learn how your intuition works. You will find out how to access it deliberately and train yourself to have your inner guidance available whenever you need it. You will be gently guided to dive deeper and deeper into your own intuition. You will learn what it needs to use this inner wisdom for the upliftment of yourself, your own life and that of others. Living a life with such a powerful and strong guide by your side is full of joy, health, happiness and fulfilment. Together we will remove the blockings that keep you away from your greatest power. You will learn the tools to enter into a world of meaning, safety and love, which will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Embark with us on this journey of your own self-empowerment. Let your light shine to make this world a better place for yourself and everyone around you. Return to your natural state of connectedness with the whole. Reclaim your power!

Pavithra started to train her intuition in 1996 as part of her study of The Course in Miracles. Through intense spiritual practice she started to receive clear guidances around the year 2000. Ever since, she is cooperating with her inner voice on a daily level. Pavithra has a very grounded and pragmatic approach to intuition. Out of her experience she says: “My live has definitely become incredibly rich and beautiful since I follow my intuition. But this does not mean that I don’t end up in trouble from time to time. The crucial difference however is, that with the help of my inner voice I get to understand the situation better. I adapt much faster to it, make the necessary changes inside of me and experience less pain. This is the biggest gift.”

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