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Having lived and worked as a psychologist and psychotherapist for more than 10 years, I have come across many different ways to access the soul. 

Working my own way through the jungle of every day life, encountering many beautiful flowers and scary monsters, I love to accompany others on their way. 

For me, a guide can only be someone who has gone the path themselves before. Likewise, I only pass on what I have experienced for myself to be true. 

There may be individual variations, but the general direction of all of us is the same: the longing to unfold our highest potential in this life and the suffering and pain when this doesn‘t seem possible. 


My personal background

Having come from a broken home myself where most things went wrong, having walked along a steep and rocky path for some time, but finally having arrived in the most beautiful place of love and beauty within myself, I m thrilled and honoured to guide others and help them find their way to what is most sacred for them.

How I work

I am far from being perfect. This is what usually attracts others, makes them relax and therefore enter a state in which their own truth becomes accessible. Finally they have arrived with someone who is simply human. Who doesn‘t give unasked advice. Who lives with her imperfection and is even happy with it!

This seems to have become something very rare in this visual media-society, where our sense of beauty and perfection are being perverted and turned against ourselves. 

Love, acceptance and empathy are the keys for my work. Having completed many different trainings (systemic family therapy, body psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, humanistic approach, transparent and non-violent communication, etc.), I call my work „Heart-Therapy“, because all healing happens in the space of the open heart after all. 

Let us find out together, what you next step shall be on your path of unfolding your highest potential. 


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