I run a private practice, which means that clients pay for their sessions themselves. If you are privately insured, I will be glad to issue you an invoice that you can submit to your private health insurance*.


From my own painful experience with long waiting times, I would like to make it possible for those seeking help to get a therapy place with me quickly and without complications. Therefore I try to give you an appointment as soon as possible. The more flexible you are in terms of time, the easier this will be. Nevertheless, unfortunately there are waiting times with me. However, I will gladly put you on my waiting list and get back to you as soon as possible. 


The fee for a single session is 120 €.

The fee for a couple/family session is 180 €.



*Private health insurances usually cover a portion of 46 € per session. Please make sure that your contract covers services that are billed according to the Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie fee schedule (fee number 19.2). As a rule, the state aid does not cover any costs, not even on a pro-rata basis.



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