I have worked as a therapist, coach and counselor for the past 12 years, both one-on-one and in groups. My deepest passion is to support you in unfolding your highest potential, so that you deeply enjoy being who you really are and give yourself with all your love, light and care to the world

Coming to my office

If you live nearby, I am very happy to welcome you in my office for our sessions. In this quiet and comfortable surrounding it will be easy for you to relax. I will support you in coming back to yourself in a healthy way. For further details about address etc. please contact me through 

Sessions on Zoom

Thanks to the latest technology, there are hardly any boundaries between us. Having worked with clients through Skype/Zoom for the past three years, I am immensly grateful for this amazing opportunity to connect and encounter even the deepest and most delicate parts of ourselves. Sometimes, accessing certain topics is even easier in the secure space of your own home, not to speak of the time and money you safe when you don't need to go somewhere else to meet me. 


So if you feel a resonance in your heart to contact me, just send me and email at, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


My honorarium is on a sliding scale. Those with regular income pay 100 €, those with little or no income 90 € and those who could not afford it otherwhise can tune in with me for a possible further discount. I want to offer my services to everyone, so I want to make sure that money will not be a hindrance. Just contact me and we will find a way.



Wormser Landstr. 17

67346 Speyer


Tel: 06232-312 5055

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