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Just like real life....

I have been offering online therapy and counseling for many years. Anyone who has experienced it once is surprised at how much closeness and security can be felt after a very short time. Working together on the issues that are close to your heart gains power and depth just as quickly as when we sit across from each other in the same room. So far I have not noticed any difference. Rather, the online sessions tend to be much deeper and more healing, because clients are so much more relaxed in their safe space at home.


The advantages are obvious

With an online session, you won't have to travel long distances. You stay in your familiar surroundings during your inner work. Plus, you don't have to go out the door and into the traffic after an intensive process. All of these factors contribute significantly to the success of the therapy. Additionally, you will experience 100% discretion and confidentiality. No one will see you enter a psychologist's office.


Simply try it out

I invite you to just give it a try. In our imagination, all things are always much worse or much nicer than in reality. So far, I have never experienced anyone not wanting to continue treatment online. Everyone was and is enthusiastic about this great opportunity to be able to devote themselves to the topics that are important to them, even over greater distances.



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